Who delivers & Open?

Scoops Artisan Ice Cream & Dutch Pancakes

Local Ice cream and Dutch pancake parlour opening soon, in Caernarfon. Check the website for more information.


Creperie Cafe Bangor

Creperie Cafe in Bangor is a popular cafe based in the city of Bangor. They do a huge variety from pancakes to creperies and waffles.

If this sounds like something for you why not order today?


Bangor Tandoori

Bangor Tandoori is a local Indian that does all kinds of amazing foods that you could not imagine.If you are looking for a good Indian take away why not give Bangor Tandoori a call?


Amore- Pizza 

Passionate about Pizza? Live around the Caernarfon area? If so then Amore Pizza is the place for you .

Check what they have to offer-:


Sienna Skye Boutique

Sienna Skye Boutique is based in Caernarfon, were it offers all kind of products to suit any occasion. The boutique style shop sells products all independent boutique. If this seem something interest you  why not give them a look at -:


Veg Village

Looking for somewhere local that delivers fruit and vegetables locally to you? If so why not give Veg Village a call?



Halloways is delivering fruit and vegetables to your very own door within the Angelsey and Bangor area. 

You can also create your own vegetable boxes, so if you want vegetables why not give Halloways a look?