Who Delivers/Open? 

Just Those Little Things

Just Those Little Things is a local business based in Mold. They specialise in clothing alterations and bespoke items. They also make customised masks.

If you want to see more of what they do why not give them a visit today?


Sugar Rush Flintshire

Sugar Rush Flintshire is a local sweet shop that delivers to your own very door. You can get all kinds of sweets from everybody's favourites to sweets from America.

If you want to see what is in stock why not see what they have to offer?


Cravin Cupcakes

Cravin Cupcakes is a local cake business that make delicious cakes for all kinds. If you want to find a nice treat why not see what Cravin Cupcakes have to offer?


Jones Cones

Jones Cones is a sweets and chocolate delivery service that can delivery any sugary treat to your door. So if you want any sweets and want them in the comfort of your own home why not give Jones Cones a call?


K.T candy cart


K.T candy cart based in Connah's Quay are currently delivering sweets locally to your door. If you want anything from the sweet variety why not give K.T candy cart a call?



Enjoy donuts? Then look no further than the local donut makers of Doughnutology

Why not see what they have to offer?


Honey's Bakery

Honey's Bakery based in the boarder of Wrexham and Flintshire in the local village of Caergwrle are still open for business with a take away service.

Why not see what the local bakery has to offer?


Mr Ricky Prince Of Desserts

Get your favourite ice cream treats from Mr Ricky. Mr Ricky delivers ice cream treats to your doors, so contact Mr Ricky on the link below to order your ice cream now.


David Joinson Quality Meats


David Joinson Quality Meats has now starting delivering meat to your very doors. If you are looking to get your meat from a local butcher why not contact David Joinson Quality Meats to find out more.