Christmas Market

Come and see the independent businesses and new start up businesses that are open and selling this Christmas!.

Businesses based in North Wales


An local cheese shop based in Rhudllan in Denbighshire. The Little Cheese Monger sells all kinds of cheeses to fit anyones taste. If Cheese is something you enjoy why talk on the Little Cheese Monger logo to see what they have to offer?

Naturally Ethical is a natural shop based in Ruthin.  If you like products made that are made naturally then why not visit them online?

Looking for children´s and baby cloths? Then why not see what Mummy & Theo´s has to offer?Click on the logo to enter the website.


Cariad Gin is a local gin making business based in North Wales. If this is something that interests you, why not click on their logo and explore what they have to offer?


Tumbi is a new online letting and home sales agency based in North Wales. If you are looking to let or buy a new home why not give Tumbi ago?

Looking to find a perfect gift this Christmas?  Then why not see what the Gift Shop has to offer?


Off the top is a local clothing brand based in Wrexham. They sell all kinds of clothing products for both men and women. To see what they have to offer click on their logo above to enter their website.

B's Dog Walking & Services are an local dog walking service  based in Wrexham. If you feel this is something that your dog would enjoy why not contact then today?

Where to get an Christmas tree in North Wales

Looking to find the perfect Christmas tree this Christmas? Then why not give Penrhos Christmas tree and Wreaths a visit?

Unique online businesses

Wuff Wuff

Looking for the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas? Then why not give Wuf Wuf a visit?

What's on this Christmas at StoryHouse in Chester

Please check on their website for updates throughout November due to Lockdown in England.